I am an Assistant Professor of Sociology and Social Justice Studies in the Department of Sociology and Gerontology and Affiliate of the Institute for the Environment and Sustainability at Miami University. My research interests include environmental sociology, the sociology of technology, social theory, political economy, and animal studies. Current research projects concern the potential effectiveness and political-economic dimensions of proposed solutions to environmental problems, especially responses to climate change; the social and environmental impacts of technology; and the renewal of classical and mid-twentieth century sociological theory.  Click here for a free article that is representative of my research program.

I have published over 30 articles featured in Journal of Cleaner Production, Organization & Environment, and other journals, as well as received paper awards from the Agriculture, Food, and Human Values Society and the American Sociological Association.

Contact: Department of Sociology & Gerontology, Miami University, 375 Upham Hall, Oxford, OH 45056.
"The great problem remains how to bring society to consciousness." - L. F. Ward